Women Suffer When Their Men Have Erectile Dysfunction

Impacts on Women in ED Relationships

As the problem of erectile dysfunction grows worldwide, the discussion of ED among men always causes a smirk, laughter, embarrassment, pity, or averted eyes. But what about the women in the lives of these men? What are the strains that are untold in these relationships?

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In many countries of the world, erectile dysfunction simply is not spoken about, even with a doctor. Unless it is absolutely imperative, it is just to taboo a topic. Too bad as we are at a time in medical history that a correctly prescribed medication can relieve all the stresses surrounding ED. This can be extremely damaging to a relationship, as a woman who has a partner with ED cannot voice her opinion or even talk to her partner about the problem. This creates a friction that many relationships cannot endure.

In the UAE, this problem is more apparent than most other places. A country steep in tradition is also a country in which affection in public is frowned upon. Dr. Gerald Brock, Professor, Department of Surgery, Division of Urology, at St. Josephs Health Centre in London, Ontario says most patients only show up there when they are on the brink of divorce.

Almost 50% of Men in the Middle East suffer from ED
A British medical magazine recently reported that almost 50% of men in the Middle East suffer from erectile dysfunction, and of those men, almost 80% have diabetes. ED can be a result of many problems such as medication side effects, hypertension, neurological disorders, and vascular disease. The 2000 World Health Report stated that over 13% of the UAE was diabetic, which happens to be the second highest of all countries, and is poised to increase to over 19% by 2030. Even still, it is frowned upon to discuss these issues openly.

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Intimacy is a way to show love and affection between a couple, but in a situation where intimacy is not a normal way of life, a wife with a partner suffering from ED can cause severe sexual frustration during unsatisfactory sexual intercourse, and from the lack of intimacy. Anger, frustration, low self esteem is all byproducts of ED and can lead to depression. In a society where a man keeps to himself or refuses to talk openly with his partner about the problem could lead to high stress and friction. These problems can make it very hard for the wife and family for that matter to live in the company of this man which often leads to divorce.

With the correct dose of Cialis, Levitra, or Viagra, wives of these ED sufferers suddenly notice a much improved attitude towards sex and self esteem which brings by a better quality of life for the couple and the entire family.

A woman’s role shouldn’t be to constantly massage a man’s ego, or to have to manage his anger. Not only does the man’s self esteem suffer in these relationships, but often the woman take on the responsibility not being good looking enough to arouse her husband, or she may feel inadequate in her sexual role. For all these reasons it is important for a man to look beyond what society says and seek help before the strains on the relationships become to great to repair.

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