Smoking and Impotence

Can smoking cigarettes cause impotence?

The repeated and long lasting inability to get an erection strong enough or maintain it long enough in order to perform sexually is called impotence or erectile dysfunction.

It affects close to 10% of all men and the percentage is even higher amongst the men older than 40. Even though the cause of impotence can range from physical injuries, surgery, nerve damage, diseases and psychological factors, there are a few other conditions that might contribute to the problem and one of them is smoking.

Can smoking cigarettes cause impotence?

The short answer – YES! Smoking is one of the few conditions that can cause impotence, but is an easily avoidable condition.

Yet, how exactly does this happen?

Let’s look into the erection process closely – the erection is caused by sudden and rapid blood flow to the penis. Anything that can inhibit this process can cause erectile dysfunction; in the case of smoking this is caused by the blocking of the blood flow by fatty deposits, which have been built partially due to smoking.

Another effect that smoking causes is the contraction of the penile tissue, caused by the nicotine stimulation to the brain.

Smoking also causes venous dilation – damage to the valve mechanism that keeps blood to the penis.

Many of the previous studies came out with inconclusive results, but the latest researches link smoking directly to erectile problems. This does not occur overnight, but smoking cigarettes for a long time will eventually lead to developing conditions that might lead to impotence.

In a famous experiment conducted amongst smokers the subjects were given the time to smoke two cigarettes before watching an erotic movie while the control group was given candies. It turned out that these two cigarettes alone were more than enough to change the normal erection to smaller and softer erection. Studies in Australia have come to the conclusion that smoking increases the chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction to up to 27%.

Of course not all smokers are having trouble leading normal sex life, but when you see your doctor giving up cigarettes and lowering your hard liquor consumption will most likely be his first advice. Smoking can cause impotence “indirectly” as well – it leads to the development of many physical illnesses, which in turn can lead to erectile dysfunction. Some of these are diabetes, hypertension, prostate surgery, stress and others.

The problem is seen in large numbers particularly among the heavy smokers (people that smoke 40 or more cigarettes per day) and men who have been smoking for longer period of time (eight years or longer).

Can the process be reversed?

This unfortunately depends on the amount of damage that has been done; in almost all cases where smokers have reported the ability to achieve an erection, but losing it before the intercourse the problems have disappeared after they stopped smoking.

In other cases when the smoking has caused serious health diseases the treatment might take longer and the result is not always favorable. In all cases though, giving up this bad habit will only lead to better health, greater sexual performance and improved well-being.

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