I have chronic what I think is a UTI. I have burning and frequent …

Question by Andreas: I have chronic what I think is a UTI. I have burning and frequent need to urinate after sex a couple times a month. Lately though (the last month or so) I have had a constant low burning sensation that is a little worse during urination but not as bad as the previous episodes. What can I do here?

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Gender: Male
Age: 39
Already Tried: Just cranberry extract

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UTIs in men (especially younger men) are relatively rare, although we do see them. If you have been having this problem for about a month or so, you need to be checked for a condition called “chronic prostatitis”. Chronic prostatitis is a low-grade infection of your prostate which can give symptoms similar to a UTI. Usually with chronic prostatitis there is some kind of pain in the testicular/rectal area present, but not always.
In any case, you need to see your GP or urologist for a urine test and to determine if there is an infection or not. If there is just a plain UTI, you will need antibiotics for 5-7 days to get rid of it. If you get diagnosed with prostatitis, then treatment with antibiotics is longer – usually 4 weeks. Prostatitis can be diagnosed by doing a rectal exam and feeling the prostate. The best specialist to consult would be a urologist. Taking over-the-counter cranberry supplement will most likely not help get rid of a UTI. It is usually helpful in preventing UTI for someone who has it frequently.
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