Diabetes and Impotence

What is the link between Diabetes and male impotence?

Impotence is the inability of achieving an erection or maintaining an erection long enough in order to complete a successful sexual act.

This dysfunction affects millions of men all over the Globe and the causes vary from serious diseases and conditions to psychological disorders.

One of the main causes of impotence is diabetes. The latest studies indicate that close to 50% of all men that suffer from diabetes will experience erectile problems.

What is the link between diabetes and erectile dysfunction?

In almost all cases where there is no physical damage to the penis or the surrounding nerves, the impotence is caused by the insufficient amount of blood entering the penile chambers. This leads to not achieving an erection at all or the erection attained not being strong enough. All the impotence drugs and some of the herbal ED solutions will aim at increasing the blood flow to the penis and this usually leads to firm and long-lasting erection.

However, why does diabetes lead to impotence?

High blood sugar causes nerve and muscle damage and this can affect sexual response; another factor is that diabetes and high blood pressure usually come hand in hand and this is yet another way why the blood vessels can get damaged.

To add to the vicious cycle once a man who suffers from diabetes experiences erection problem this might lead to low self-esteem and other psychological problems, which can intensify the erectile dysfunction.

Does that mean that men who suffer from diabetes cannot lead normal sex life?

Absolutely not! Even though the link between diabetes and impotence is really strong that does not automatically mean that all men that suffer from the disease will have erectile problems.

In the past decades some new and very effective impotence treatments have been developed. The synthetic impotence drugs, which were first approved in the 1980s caused a revolution in the impotence treatment; many older treatments such as penile implants, penis vacuum pumps, impotence injections, etc. either required expensive surgical procedures, didn’t always work, or were deemed too “unnatural”.

The synthetic drugs work in close to 75% of the cases and that includes the men that suffer from diabetes.

Of course none of these pills should be taken without consulting a medical professional, especially from men who take various other medications.

It is known that the impotence drugs have side effects (just like any other drugs) and they can interact badly with other medication. Once a doctor has been consulted and a treatment has been prescribed, change in the life-style can also lead to faster and better results.

Men who suffer from diabetes and experience erectile problems should avoid smoking, reduce the alcohol consumption and exercise regularly.

As of today there is no “universal” impotence treatment and what works for one man might not work for another, which is why various treatment options should be considered, including synthetic drugs, herbal remedies, penis pumps or penile injections and the choice should be made after a visit to a qualified medical practitioner.

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